What is the most successful etf?

Stock ETFs · Bond ETFs · Commodity ETFs · Real Estate ETFs · Gold Investment Accounts. For example, ETFs focused on precious metals could be invested in between 20 and 50 different mining company stocks, contain physical gold or gold futures, or be comprised of a combination of all three investments, as well as a Gold Investment Account. The fund's shares are comprised of global investments in stocks from 50 to 70 private equity firms and include U.S. deposit receipts (ADRs) and global deposit receipts (GDRs) that are part of the Red Rocks Index. Among the main shares are KKR & Co.

Inc. A notable drawback of the fund is its higher-than-average spending ratio of 1.44%. Although the alternative investment sector has performed poorly than the stock market in general over the past 10 years, investors in PSP achieve a cumulative return of only 130%. I hope you've enjoyed this review of some of the top ETFs of the past 10 years.

While a frequently cited warning to investors is that “past performance does not guarantee future success,” most investors still prefer investments that have some type of highly profitable track record.